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Verpleeghuis De Stelle Netherlands

Our psycho-geriatric ward Boterbloem is part of the nursing home De Stelle. Most of the residents in our ward suffer from dementia for whom we have created an Alzheimer garden. Residents who like to be on their own for a while can take a walk outside. The entrance to the garden is without restrictions; it is a safe environment in which they can enjoy the outside. Our garden consists of small seasonal and aromatic plants that bloom in catching colours. Many plants are raised to the level of the saunterers, allowing them to touch and smell the odour without physical strain. All plantation is harmless and non-toxic. We have created a solid walking track with various places for a rest. A handrail gives support to the ones that need physical support. Those residents, once gardening themselves, seem to still know well how to do it. Photography: Gerlo Beernink.

Villa Pardoes Netherlands

Villa Pardoes is a holiday residence for children with life-threatening diseases and was built to provide relaxation for children between 4 and 12 years of age and to stimulate contact between partners in adversity. The villa is formed like a snail's shell. The central hall is filled with toys, plants and small sculptures. Shadows of leaflets on the glass of the skylights emerge on the wall and make it appear as if the house is in the middle of a forest. Although it is highly sophisticated if medical equipment is necessary, the visual presence of medical devices is minimized. Within the shell families can meet, talk, eat or play at a computer. The villa has eight family apartments, comprising rooms with different themes. In the Barbie theme dolls and pink colours make it extremely popular among young girls and in the Beach theme everything refers to sand, sea and shells.

Willem Holtrop Hospice Netherlands

The Willem Holtrop Hospice is a nursing-home for the care of the dying and located in a rural woody area. It is a place where humans are counseled intensively in the last stage of their lives, if home care really does not go anymore. The nature and hominess are important spatial elements in the provision of care. The rooms of the residents have a view at the terrace, garden and woods. There are many birds. Every now and then a squirrel wanders about the area. Contact with the outside world counts, also in this final stage of life. Inside the building floor covering creates a homely atmosphere and muffles walking noises. For families we have created a common living room. A dining-tale with wall clock, an open kitchen, and a furnished sitting area with television, houseplants, and lace curtains create a homelike atmosphere. It is a place to take breath.

Kring-apotheek De Drie Stellingen Oosterwolde (Frl) Netherlands

Community-based pharmacy De Drie Stellingen seeks to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of patients with pharmacotherapy and pharmaceutical care. We have created a counter area which functions extremely well for confidential conversations. It contains enclosed counters with reduced sight, a queue at distance, possibilities to combine waiting with shopping, and acoustic measures (absorption at the counter; hard floor and music at the queue). Patients and staff are very satisfied. This design is useful for organizations where privacy is an important issue.