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Heiploeg Netherlands

Heiploeg Zoutkamp is the largest shrimp factory of Europe and located in the Northern part of The Netherlands. Our building and the surrounding pond and bank symbolize a ship, a flat, and a dike respectively. It reflects our strong connection with the Wadden area, such as the history of our company and the native ground of most of our people and products. The building also supports our three-dimensionally organized workflow. Shrimp must be cooked and preserved on the first floor in order to guarantee quality when packaging. Consequently, we decided to drain cooked fresh products on the first floor, weigh them during descend, and then package shrimp on the ground floor. In this way, our transport system is supported by gravitation. The use of elevating webs for the packaging process can thus be avoided.

Martens beton b.v. Oosterhout Netherlands

Martens beton develops, produces and delivers concrete elements and materials for drains and sewers and for roads and pavements. Concrete mortar is also produced. The black, white, and red colors of our logo are put on as many objects as possible on the factory site. By doing so, all of our buildings, supporting constructions, furniture, overalls, safe-deposit box, machines, and passenger cars support our corporate identity. Hired transportation is requested to spray-paint their trucks in our company colors. To keep the colors visible and fresh much cleaning and scratching is necessary, but it keeps the workplace clean and the identity visible.